The ITC is proud to introduce our Enhanced Subscription, an exclusive package that goes beyond our renowned monthly CPD-accredited Web-Talks featuring international experts on hair science. This new offering integrates two additional, exceptional services: The Grand Rounds and The Journal Club, under the umbrella of our ‘enhanced subscription’.

These will be held every quarter and subscribers will be contacted beforehand to participate and share relevant cases.

The Grand Rounds:

A Forum for Collaborative Clinical Excellence

In collaboration with the BAHRS, the ITC invites practicing trichologists, aestheticians, SMP practitioners, and other affiliated professionals to the ITC Grand Rounds. This quarterly event serves as a dynamic platform for presenting and discussing complex cases, innovative treatments, and protocols. Our aim is to foster collaboration among trichology professionals, including dermatologists, hair transplant surgeons, and others, enhancing diagnostic and treatment protocols while promoting excellence and collegiality in clinical practice.

Highlights of the Grand Rounds include:

• Exploration of intriguing cases

• Discussion of effective treatment protocols

• Sharing of clinical best practices

The Journal Club:

A Gateway to Research Mastery

Together with the Institute of Trichologists, the ITC Journal Club offers a unique opportunity to delve into hair research. Our quarterly sessions, led by esteemed academics, focus on analysing and critiquing hair science research. Subscribers will engage with a selected open-access paper, fostering critical thinking, refining research methodology, and enhancing skills in academic journal evaluation.

Key Outcomes of the Journal Club:

• Development of advanced analytical skills

• Improvement in research methodology comprehension

• Enhanced proficiency in assessing academic journals and papers

The ITC Journal Club is not just an educational endeavour; it is a commitment to reaching the apex of professional and intellectual prowess in trichology.

For £4.80 per month enjoy the following benefits:

• Exclusive invitations to two unique quarterly events: The ITC Journal Club and The ITC Grand Rounds.

• CPD-registered ‘Certification of Attendance’ for all events, contributing to your professional development.

• On-demand access to recordings of all events, allowing you to revisit and learn at your own pace.

• Opportunities for business networking and collaboration with industry professionals.

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