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Increase your trichology knowledge and hair science understanding with our monthly webinars.

Join our monthly online events for valuable insights and networking in the Hair Science community. Hosted on Zoom one Thursday evening (7:30pm GMT)  per month, these sessions offer accessible, valuable knowledge and inspiration from leading experts in hair and hair loss.

Our webinars are not just informative; they are CPD-registered, helping you meet your professional development requirements. With a focus on quality and relevance, these sessions are an efficient way to stay updated in your field. Join us each month to enrich your professional journey in hair science.

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Monthly online events provide the Hair Science community with information, advice, inspiration & networking opportunities.

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Delve into Cutting-Edge Research with the ITC Journal Club

The ITC Journal Club, a quarterly online event, which offers the Hair Science community a platform for in-depth learning and networking. Hosted via Zoom on selected Monday evenings, these sessions feature discussions chaired by one of four world renowned distinguished scientists in Dermatology, Cosmetic Science, Hair Biology, and Trichology.

Each session, the chair selects a pivotal research paper for review. Together, we dissect and analyse the paper to grasp its scientific significance and explore the research’s implications. This collaborative approach not only enhances understanding but also fosters a rich dialogue among professionals.

As a CPD-registered event, participation in the Journal Club contributes towards your professional development requirements. This is an ideal opportunity to engage with groundbreaking research and elevate your expertise in the field of hair science.

The ITC Grand Rounds: A Forum for Collaborative Clinical Dialogue

The ITC presents the Grand Rounds, a quarterly event designed for trichologists, dermatologists, hair transplant surgeons, aestheticians, SMP practitioners, and other affiliated professionals. This platform is a unique opportunity to share and discuss your intriguing cases, treatment methodologies, and clinical protocols within the hair loss community.

The Grand Rounds are more than just meetings; they are interactive forums where practitioners can present cases and engage in in-depth discussions about various treatment approaches and clinical practices. The goal is to foster a collaborative environment that enhances diagnostic and treatment strategies, promoting best practices and a spirit of collegiality among professionals.

Join us in these enriching sessions to contribute to and benefit from a collective pool of knowledge and experience. The ITC Grand Rounds is an avenue for professional growth and a step towards unified excellence in trichological care.

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